It’s dangerous to go alone. —Navi

Dreamers. Doers. Spinners, spelunkers, and soothsayers. Everyone has a dream, and quite a few of those everyones dream of publishing a book. Two years ago, I had the same dream, and it was a long, tortured path to the tightrope I walk today. This is a blog for anyone and everyone who muses their worlds into the written word—those who dare to entrap fantasy and spin the finest yarns into flecks of gold.

Whether you’re just beginning, querying, or looking for a publisher, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned.


H. KATES is an author and professional troublemaker. After graduating from the world’s premier military institute, she got out of war games and into the world of children’s literature. She considers herself to be something of an adventurer and has chalked up misadventures everywhere from the streets of Mumbai to the ranks of the French Foreign Legion. If she’s not being all “entrepreneurial” about the writing gig, you can find her running for ridiculous distances, training her pet rats, or playing honky-tonk piano.

Her debut middle grade novel, PATEL PATTERSON AND THE APOCALYPSE KEY, hits the world April 2019.